About Us

I have been a landlord letting student properties in the Treforest area for the past eighteen years. I am a registered landlord with the University of South Wales Registered Landlords Association (USWRLA), and I'm also a committee member. All properties are licenced, owned and run by myself. They're all fully regulation-compliant, with superior fire regulations requiring each room to have a fire alarm & door fitted. During the Summer holidays my houses are cleaned to a high standard and are usually painted with emulsion paint throughout.

Student houses are available to rent in Oxford Street, Treforest (CF371RU) which is adjacent to the university and in Broadway, Treforest (CF371BD) which is a short walk from the university. All properties have a fridge-freezer, microwave and washing machine as standard. All the houses have a lounge facility which is over 120 square feet, most have an NTL cable connection (students would have to negotiate the tariff for use of this with the supplier).

Houses are situated in a location with a mixture of family homes and student pads.

Repairs and faults, such as problems with plumbing, boiler, washing machine etc. are dealt within 24 hours. All rentals are serviced by a registered gas fitter.

I also act as an agent for other properties in Treforest. If no properties are available to let I may be able to refer you to other landlords who are members of the University of South Wales Registered Landlords Association (USWRLA).

Note For Student's Parents

If you wish to offset the ever growing cost of sending your child to university you can invest into a HMO (house of multiple occupancy) which I can sell to you one of a 4, 5 or 6 bedroom property which is fully compliant with latest regulations and licence for a HMO.

If you do not have time to manage the property I can provide this service.